Message from Chair

Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Andreas Dengel

Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Andreas Dengel

The vision of the factory of the future describes an ecosystem of smart objects comprising material, products and machines which are orchestrated via situation, task, and experience-based services to allow a flexible and adaptive production. Embedded sensors allow each smart object to collect data, to interact with each other or with the environment in order to optimize processes and save resources.

This requires very flexible manufacturing environments and agile processes enabling self-diagnosis and a continuous self-optimization and self-configuration. It encompasses the integration and use of mechatronic components in the sense of "Plug&Produce", where production line modules required for production are automatically recognized and integrated into the plant control system.

Wireless communication is a key technology as well as a central basis for a flexible exchange and distribution of information but also for the control and orchestration of all smart objects involved in the production process. With the proliferation of different wireless technologies in industry, the demands for coordination and stability are increasing. The partners united in the Flexible Factory Partner Alliance bring together different approaches to advance the formulation of standards for coordinating and controlling coexisting wireless systems in production environments.

Together, we want to further develop the potential of wireless technologies in industrial communication and establish them in an international ecosystem. We are moving forward fruitful collaboration with partners who explore solutions based on IoT and AI technologies for the industry and society of the future.

I am glad to act as a chair of the Flexible Factory Partner Alliance in order to represent the alliance and support international networking and partnership.