About Us

In response to fierce international competition resulting from increased globalization, as well as labor shortages and a reduced number of skilled workers due to the falling birthrate and aging population, utilizing ICT in manufacturing to improve productivity is seen as a critical issue. Given that ‘visualization’ in production equipment and production status is moving forward to improve productivity, and as product development cycles have shortened in recent years, there has been a demand for greater flexibility in the configuration of production facilities equipment and in modifying the production line construction. As a means of achieving greater flexibility, there are rising expectations for wireless communications as an important technology.

At the same time, a major issue in wireless communications in factories where various wireless systems coexist is communication instability due to interference between wireless systems and the impact that has on equipment operation.

Flexible Factory Partner Alliance will promote the formulation of standards for coordination control technology. This will ensure stable communications in an environment where various wireless systems coexist, as well as promote their use and further accelerate the adoption of wireless systems in manufacturing facilities. Flexible Factory Partner Alliance will work to meet expectations for a new industrial revolution accompanying the spread of the use of IoT in manufacturing facilities.